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In-Dealer Events

In-Dealer Events are a perfect, high impact, low cost medium to deliver your chosen message in your chosen language to your chosen audience. From exclusive, first look customer preview events to network training on new product, here at Pro-Drivers we have mastered this delivery format to extract maximum possible value, impact and longevity from your event budget.

Roadshow Events

For when the message deserves a high impact, high production treatment commensurate with its content, and would benefit from the opportunities that regional deployment brings, whether it's content creation or delivery. We at Pro-Drivers are experts at creating mobile events, that maximise both impact and reach of message, with financial efficiencies arising from portability.

Live Events

The ultimate opportunity to create a highly engaging, fully immersive experiential event. Whether you're launching a new product, bringing your brand to life or celebrating your heritage, running an event from a single location opens up unlimited possibilities. We began our company journey providing experiences that were previously unobtainable to our guests. We've retained our creative genius and our raw passion, but now combine these with the latest technologies and innovation to engage and captivate your audience, bringing your message to life, providing many positive stories that guests will want to tell!

Our Services

Ride & Drive Activities

Years of experience has taught us that in order to really experience a vehicle, it's as important to do this from the passenger seat as it is from the driver's seat. Pro-Drivers have been creating and delivering Ride and Drive experiences from the day we opened our doors, 25 years ago. From route planning through convoy management to our innovative SmartDrive software, we are experts in this.

Driver Coaching and Passenger Experiences

Our Pro-Driver team are all motorsport professionals. Our team offer a diverse set of talents, from BTCC drivers to WRC drivers, drift experts to stunt drivers, off-road specialists to Eco-driving champions, we pride ourselves on being able to maximise a vehicle's performance in any environment. We always showcase the best of what makes a car exciting, interesting or different. We can provide everything from a memorable hot lap experience through to driver coaching in all disciplines. Through our Pro-Drivers Academy, we build upon the driving talent that our team offers, by enhancing their media skills to ensure great brand representation for you.

Valeting and Detailing

Our client's vehicles are at their best when they look their best. We guarantee the quality of the vehicle presentation on our events, through providing professional valeting services on our events. We pride ourselves on using the latest vehicle preparation equipment and valeting products, to not only make your vehicles look their best, but also stay looking their best.

The Drivers

The Drivers

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When we started our company in 1992, the name Pro-Drivers didn’t exist. It became our trading name for our first 15 years and since then, it has become recognised as the industry standard, and this is something that makes us proud.

As a result of our knowledge and experience in Motorsport, Events and the Automotive Industry, we have access to the world’s most respected and professional instructors. We, and our clients, believe that our Pro-Drivers are the best in the business, renowned for their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. Through their background in competitive motorsport, they offer a unique insight into what makes cars great to drive and great to live with.

Pro-Drivers Academy

All have graduated from the Pro-Drivers Academy. This provides you with a guarantee that every member of the team has been prepared to the highest level. We take the best, and make them better!

At the Pro-Drivers Academy, we study communications, practice how to earn the trust and keep the attention of people with different character types, refine our presentation skills and via media training, earn our well-placed confidence in our abilities and in the quality of our interactions. You will experience accomplished motorsport professionals working hard on our events without ego.

Team of ‘17

This year, we are proud to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, a milestone in our industry and one which we achieve through continuous innovation. As part of these celebrations, we are already preparing the ‘Pro-Drivers Team of 2017’, who will offer our clients the best driving talent, the right social skills to represent your brand effectively and direct access to the social media savvy millennial generation.

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